Litestream leverages streaming media to impact humanity

About Us

Our mission is to empower startups through Litestream Live, a plug-and-play technology that seamlessly integrates with existing communities, harnesses the power of media platforms, and collaborates with regional networks and influencers. By offering a unique and financially regulated API solution, we enable startups to showcase their potential, attract investors, acquire customers, generate revenue, and gain valuable exposure.

How we work

Litestream falls into a unique category that combines user generated video marketing, click-to-buy functionality, and investment fundraising. While there are platforms that focus on specific aspects such as equity crowdfunding or video marketing, Litestream stands out by offering a comprehensive solution that integrates these features into a single platform. It provides a seamless experience for users to invest in startups, purchase products or services, and engage with promotional content through live self-serve promotion.

Startups featured on our platform

Litestream features series A to series C stage founders who are addressing global challenges across various sectors.

Pulsar Fusion




Fly Pop




Innovation Agri-tech



Animal Food



Zero Egg

Food processing

Enoil Bioenergies


Hyperloop TT


Winnow Solutions




Coral Vita



Media and advertising

Ocean Hugger Foods

Food processing

Choose Water


Fora Foods

Food and beverage

Abbots Butcher

Food processing

Bridge International Academies


Meet some of the investors on our platform:

We frequently partner with other top impact investors. We profile these fund managers in our content. Watch them invest into founders who are changing the world with their businesses.
Buoyant Ventures
Litestream Ventures
Prelude Ventures
Ovo Fund
Sentient Ventures
Veg Capital
VU Venture Partners
Goodwater Capital
The Ecosystem Integrity Fund
Green Cow Venture Capital
Bayer Leaps
Newlin VC
Burnt Island Ventures
Bold Capital
Ocean 14 capital

Merging venture capital and entertainment:

Through Litestream, viewers can engage with the companies and startups featured in Litestream's co-produced and user generated content in real-time, providing a unique opportunity to invest in or purchase products or services from companies that prioritize making an impact.

Real Time voting and interactivity to impact humanity

The crowd can vote, buy from and invest in their favorite startups, creating a community that drives commercial success and social impact. Our platform creates engaging and interactive experiences for viewers, which is a key component of the company's strategy to make wealth accessible to all while making a positive impact on the world.

Addressing Global Challenges

Our unique model addresses specific grand challenge areas. We are searching the globe for innovative companies that are providing a radical breakthrough solution to important grand challenges featured in our programming. Submit your ventures today.

How Startups Can Apply

Get scouted or become a scout

Our team of scouts is constantly looking for the best talent to showcase. Apply to become one of our scouts by registering online. Earn through any successful introductions made.

Create a user account

Create a user account to apply to become a judge, investor or to feature your startup. Go online to register to our platform.

Audition online or in person

Join one of our casting events happening in a city near you to audition in person or submit a video online. Our live pitch event series provides startups and judges the opportunity to audition.

Investor ecosystem and partners